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  • bChamp offers an exciting new way to drum. bChamp is a voice controlled drum kit for your iPhone. Easily make groovy beats by beatboxing into the iPhone microphone. bChamp instantly translates your beatboxing into impressive drum sounds. Making and practicing beats was never so easy or fun. No talent required. bChamp does the work, you claim the fame.

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  • Reportage is a radically different native Twitter client for your iPhone that provides a radio tuning environment into your Twitter social network.

    Reportage views a Twitter user as a broadcaster and each user’s tweets as a specific broadcast.

    Similar to a real radio tuner, Reportage allows you to selectively tune into each broadcaster and visualize the conversation.

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  • The list of iPod Touch aps for the science classroom continues to grow. Searching in the Apple Store Aps in the categories of education, games, productivity, and utilities locates these gems. Imagine what you can have instant access to! Explore these applications in the Apple Store and they will lead you to additional applications.

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  • My immediate thought was that it would be excellent for in class adhoc observations and useful in summative assessment.

    Manage groups.
    Create rubrics.
    Assess performance.
    Track improvements.
    Share data.

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  • Compact dock station to Charge multiple Apple iPod devices. The lightweight tabletop design is a practical and economic charge and organize solution.

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EucalyptusEucalyptus gives easy access to over 20,000 classic English-language books of all kinds, and presents them in a beautiful, natural feeling, easy-to-use, book-like interface. Videos of Eucalyptus in action can be seen on the web.Unlike other reading applications on mobile devices, Eucalyptus features high quality typesetting routines on a par with those used in the traditional publishing industry. Combined with a simple interface, intuitive page-turning, and the industry-leading screen of the iPhone, the reading experience is second to none. Free from the distractions of the hardware, Eucalyptus makes it easy to lose yourself in the story.

A bit pricey at  AUD$12.99 but has better search functionality than Stanza.

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Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.