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Eucalyptus gives easy access to over 20,000 classic English-language books of all kinds, and presents them in a beautiful, natural feeling, easy-to-use, book-like interface. Videos of Eucalyptus in action can be seen on the web.Unlike other reading applications on mobile devices, Eucalyptus features high quality typesetting routines on a par with those used in the […]

ComicTouch has general iPhone users in mind but is also a useful learning application for teachers/students to have in their digital tool-belt.  Comics are a familiar metaphor and structure. It might seem like a simple idea, but it is a powerful with regard to learning. The most widely adopted software is software that allows people […]


There are a few audio voice recorders available for the iPhone now but two features in the Dictaphone iPhone app appeal from a learning and teaching perspective.  To be able to capture, store and edit audio in education settings has always been a useful ICT to have in the learning toolkit.
1. The first is the […]