This week’s iPhone in Education links

If you come across any ideas or applications about the iPhone being used for learning please add a comment on this post and your link will be posted in next weeks compendium.

Star Walk for gazing stars and studying planets.

Star Walk for gazing stars and studying planets.

Whenever you admire the starry night sky, Star Walk helps you to recognize anonymous heavenly bodies. Just find them on your interactive star map and tap “i” to retrieve useful information, such as celestial coordinates of these heavenly bodies. Don’t be afraid to get overloaded by tons of specific terms. Star Walk is not for scientific use but for learning something new playfully. The cutting-edge graphics and smooth moving/scaling make your work with Star Walk pleasant and easy. You do not need a manual for using Star Walk because of its intuitive interface.

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iBear: Friendly software for iPhone » iBearBrain

iBear: Friendly software for iPhone » iBearBrain

Spend 5 minutes a day to significantly improve your memory and ability to count numbers!

There are 5 rows with numbers on the screen. Only one number per row can be selected at a time. Tap on a number to select. You need to choose proper numbers to make a correct equation in the line below. After you select 5 numbers (one per row) an arithmetic equation is checked for correctness. You win if counted all the numbers are right.

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