ComicTouchComicTouch has general iPhone users in mind but is also a useful learning application for teachers/students to have in their digital tool-belt.  Comics are a familiar metaphor and structure. It might seem like a simple idea, but it is a powerful with regard to learning. The most widely adopted software is software that allows people to continue doing familiar things. Its often the entry point for new users of software - Comic Touch from Australian based programmers Plasq, is one such application and one only has to do a search for ComicTouch in Flickr to see the pace at which iPhone users have embraced this application.

ComicTouchExperienced teachers understand the power of metaphor in learning. Reaching for old structures and metaphors that we are familiar with can be a pedagogical road we might travel on most comfortably. For learning, this will change with generations, but the essential components of comics: art and narrative, are two things humans have been using to communicate their understanding for generations.

Some learning area based examples of where ComicTouch on the iPhone could be used to help reach educational outcomes:

  • Society and Environment: Recreate a key moment in history, a geography field trip or a legal argument
  • Health and PE: Illustrate safety in sport.
  • Religion: Recreate a story from the bible or illustrate a moral dilemma.
  • Mathematics: Create a tongue in cheek analysis of shapes and angles wherein the comic book characters are debating the pros and cons of the cartoon panel shapes that entrap them.
  • Science: Recreate those eureka moments in science. Give a voice to electrons, leaves, planets and internal organs.
  • Arts: Reproduce a drama. Experiment with new artistic styles.
  • English: Create a comic based version of a Shakespearian play. Recreate the dialogue from a movie.
  • Languages: Illustrate a conversation and dialogue in real life scenarios presented in comic book format.
  • Technology and Enterprise:  An illustrated cook book, a metalwork safety primer, computer software how-to’s just like the ones attached to this page.

AppStoreLink iTunes App Store URL: ComicTouch AUD$5.99

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