TGThe idea of students being able to edit notes on the go is the aim here - as an access device the iPhone/iPodTouch is useful when listening to a speaker, taking case-study notes or especially if studnets are out on an excursion. The “Notes” application can be used for this fuction and being able to email the notes back for editing on a computer.

But what about editing other documents? Worth noting is that the iPhone is able to open .docx and .xlsx files from Office 2008.  However, there is no native WordProcessor included for edicting these.  One can type notes and email these but full copy/paste functionality etc of a WordProcessor is always going to be useful. This is where TextGuru comes in handy.

TextGuru supports a number of text editing features, one of which is copy and paste. Copy and paste works easily and obviously can be used between documents but not between applications, although they are considering joining up with OpenClip. TextGuru supports a full document search, so you can search all of your documents for a certain phrase that may be within the document or in the title. Check out the sexy highlighting method in the screenies. For text formatting settings allow you to change the font and font size, bg color, and enable the server. however, it is NOT a rich text editor, more of a text utility. Supported files include TXT, HTML, PNG, H, M, C, JS, PDF, and TIFF files. Microsoft Office doc support is being implemented, as is syntax highlighting. It also supports viewing of binary files in raw hex and ascii text.


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