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In time I’d like to collate, review and categorise applications made for the iPhone and specifically designed for education.  I welcome contributors to submit the education related apps for review and also for reviewers to write for this site.      

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  1. 1 Mrs Murawski

    I am currently searching for apps to use in our afterschool program, such as attendance and contact info. Teachers also need the ability to access and create lesson plans, to project from iphone, and to quickly search state benchmarks.

  2. 2 Paul Reid

    As long as they can access these materials via web interface there will be no problem with this.

    There are many schools using the software development kit to write their own applications that tie into their own SIS (Student Information Systems). I saw an excellent one recently for Filemaker Pro.

    These apps are all built on the Cocoa Touch API http://developer.apple.com/technology/cocoa.html There were 100,000 downloads of this http://developer.apple.com/iphone/ open-source Software Developers Kit in the first 24 hours of it’s release last year. It took Palm 4 years to acheive similar download.

    This is one example of where this is going in T& L environs: http://www.acu.edu/technology/mobilelearning/researchers/video/connected.html

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